Upcoming Prey Overhaul & New Content Updates

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Upcoming Prey Overhaul & New Content Updates Empty Upcoming Prey Overhaul & New Content Updates

Hey guys!

Our next few updates will be bringing out new content with new items including brand new claws, new Bone weapons, new aura shards are being released such as FireFly Shard, Pawfires, Auras and SnowFall Shards, wondrous new Jungle and Ocean themed maps and of course, much, much more.

But today I'm posting this to tell you all of the upcoming Prey Overhaul updates. These updates, which will include content mentioned above, will be giving many of the prey and NPC models, stats, locations and drops a complete overhaul as well as adding new ones to the existing and future maps. 

Many existing animals, such as Hyenas, Elephants and Rhinos, will be given higher health and attack stats in order to make hunting and fighting them a lot harder. This will mean you will need better armour and weapons if you want to go after them. As a result, Badlands will return to being a dangerous area for new players and Hix's warning will once again become very real. However! This also means their experience & item drops will also improve, making hunting them at a higher level much more rewarding!

Elsewhere, Yheeti and Heleck will be receiving help from Narsii and Tryn in Savannah Wilds, who will be able to provide players with higher level gear. Yheeti and Heleck will, as a result, travel from their current residence in Delta Cave, to a new cave that will be accessible from TheDens. Yheeti's available content will change when Narsii and Tryn are introduced, as will what Heleck will buy.

Prowl on, folks!
-GROWL Dev Team

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