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Game & Forum Rules Empty Game & Forum Rules

Post by ShadoWolfozo on Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:56 am

Global Rules

Global Rules apply to both Forum & Game. These is no debate nor are these optional, they must be followed at all times and there are punishments for non-compliance.

I. Be courteous and kind to all members, if you are here to cause drama or problems, kindly leave.

II. If a member is causing problems, do not have a go at them repeatedly - contact a staff member and they will sort it out. We will not publicly acknowledge who reported a member and so you will remain anonymous.

III. Do not mini-mod. Mini-Modding is acting in place of a moderator or administrator in terms of trouble maker players - do not do this, we are here for a reason, let the mods do what they're here for.

IV. Do not "use" the Staff. While we are happy to enjoy the game with you, being our 'friend' will not get you out of trouble.

V. Do not Steal GROWL Content. This includes Forum Graphics, Rules, etc. and all Game Files.

VI.Do not Steal Member Content. This mainly relates to anything members post on the forum. It's not yours, do not take it.

VII. Do not Spam. It gets really really really really really really really really really really really really annoying after a while.

VIII.If you're asked to stop something, Stop. If you are doing something that is annoying, disturbing or making someone feel uncomfortable and they've asked you kindly to stop, please do. Many people are not fond of the idea of mating roleplays, getting sat on, swearing or certain comments about touchy subjects (religion, certain jokes, etc.).

IX. Listen to the Staff! If they ask you to do something or stop doing something (that are reasonable), please follow what they've said! It may be to help you or protect you from malicious users or files or to benefit you.

X. You ARE allowed to share the download link, but if you see it on another website please be careful! We would very much prefer new members come to this website to get the download directly! This is the only way we can guarantee the download + game is virus free and not harmful to your computer. If another uploads a copy and you mistake it for the real download, it may be harmful to your computer! It's for your own safety.

Should you be linked an outside link, GROWL and it's staff will NOT be held responsible for any damage done to your computer should the link contain dangerous software.

Game Rules

These rules apply to in-game only. They are enforced in-game and there will be punishments for non-compliance.

I. Do not Item Beg. Harassing Staff or members for items is rude and simply, plain annoying. You do not want to get banned for something as silly as this, so don't do it.

II.Do not beg for animal spawns. Same for this one, don't harass the admins, they're not your slaves.

III. Don't be an annoying moron that everyone wants to strangle. In other words, don't go around Final-Striking prey that people have worked hard on killing or taming and don't go stealing items from drops. You wouldn't like it done to you, so just don't, okay?

IV. HACKING THE GAME IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL BE REWARDED WITH A LIFETIME BAN FROM GROWL'S FORUM AND GAME. This means do NOT under ANY circumstances try to open locked files, modify files outside Preset & Campaign files, player-kill, super-size/super-shrink yourself or others, etc. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.

V. Private Items are for the person who they're named for and those -that- person gives it away to ONLY. If you find a private item, go into an empty map / dimension and drop the item, or hand it over to a mod or administrator to remove.

VI. You ARE Allowed to add your own Maps!! If you've made a lovely map and want to share it with others, put up the download to it and add it to the game files! We encourage your creativity and addition of maps! We may even, if your map is popular enough, make it an official map!

VII. Keep your private roleplays to you and whoever's roleplaying. You know what we mean - mating rps are not allowed in main maps dim 0. This is to accommodate for all age groups playing.

VIII. NO ROLEPLAYING IN HOME WORLD DIM 0 Go to another map or, if you absolutely must roleplay in Home World, change dimensions. There are 3 dimensions for you to play on, PICK ONE.

IX. If someone is causing you issues, BLOCK THEM, do not make a fuss about it. It'll save both of you saying something you shouldn't and then the admins getting involved. You don't want to get in trouble for something you didn't do.

X. Admins will only replace lost / stolen items IF YOU HAVE SCREENSHOTS TO PROVE IT. If you lose an item from a server hiccup, disconnection or game-crash, we can ONLY replace it if you can provide us with proof that you possessed the item. The only proof we accept is screenshots. If you can not provide screenshots, we can not give you your item back, too many times have people exploited this means to get free items.


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