Helping To Advertise for Us? This might help :)

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Helping To Advertise for Us? This might help :)

Post by ShadoWolfozo on Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:29 pm

This will contain a list of FAQ regarding advertising for us, including making fan-made trailers, and some images if you're keen to stick them in your signatures on other forums Wink

Animated Banner:


(Screenshots credit to those who took them)


1. Can I make a fan-made trailer for GROWL?
Yes! Absolutely! We only have one requirement: In the video/title/description be sure to mention that it is fan-made.

2. Can I post a link to the website somewhere else?
Absolutely! It's a great way to get new members Very Happy

3. Can I make my own banner?
Sure! We would prefer you use ours, but no one's stopping you Smile


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