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GROWL - First Impressions Empty GROWL - First Impressions

Post by Mondevu on Fri May 08, 2015 2:51 pm

So, I noticed this section was oddly empty given the recent update. Figured I'd start up a discussion topic. :3

I really enjoy these. For a server that currently only has five maps, these are pretty well done. ^_^ I love that the larger maps have a biome indicator below the minimap. That was a touch of brilliance, and I think it's a good way to help players get around and memorize where things are.

Badlands is very much improved from the traditional IT-style Badlands with the constant thunderstorm, same old textures, and green/acid/neon rain & water. I like that there's a weather system and not the same thing I've come to expect of nearly every other IT server out there.

Savannah Wilds uses a wonderful grass density map. ^_^ At least, I think that's what that is. XD I've never made a map that has grass density, but whatever it is, I think it adds a good bit to the experience. Again, a nice varied weather system, just enough variation in landscape that you're not staring at the same thing forever (as seen with the old IT Savannah), and a surprisingly large amount of prey that isn't just copy-and-paste.

It's rare that I make this mistake, since I've been playing IT games since oIT was V4... but like a noob, I ran out and attacked the first hyena I saw in Badlands. XD Won't make that mistake again. I enjoy the leveling system because it does the one thing that IT hunting has always needed: it has purpose. Yes, prey drops items, but when that is the only thing it does and you can trade stuff after a while, when does it maintain its fun? For me personally, hunting on oIT (and almost every IT seince) has almost ruined the experience. It used to be you would get announcements of "Lion RP in dim xyz." Then it became a constant spam of, "TRADING IN THIS DIM RIGHT NOW GET OVER HERE!" And on oIT as well as some of the first few servers to come out, the item drop rate was absolutely ridiculous.

But this server not only has a well-balanced drop-rate, it gives you a goal to work towards when hunting. A leveling system was just what hunting has always needed, and even though it's tedious and time consuming, it's doing it in all the right ways. I greatly enjoy having a game that allows me to casually level instead of waiting for an event, or requiring a subscription, etc. Great job, devs!

I also enjoy the fact the items DO stuff. XD Don't get me wrong, items have always been a highlight for character making and some of them just look cool, but it's nice to see things like weapons and armor actually making a difference. Only seen one other server successfully do this so far, and even then it's still different than here. I enjoy the variety. ^_^ I also like the idea of a tier system for the armor and weapons, so I'm looking forward to figuring that out.

I know one server attempted this already, and I think a couple others have tried it, as well. But coming across the NPCs here and being able to successfully interact with them, as well as getting & selling equipment with a much more fluid system than what I've seen elsewhere, was a nice change of pace. ^_^ These NPCs make sense. They're just 'personable' enough to make you feel like they could be characters, yet they simply up and give you the information you need on what you're about to expect and where to get it.

Those are my thoughts so far on this game, and I look forward to seeing where it all goes. ^_^ What did the rest of you think? I've only met two people from the community in-game so far, so I'm definitely curious about other opinions. :3


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GROWL - First Impressions Empty Re: GROWL - First Impressions

Post by ShadoWolfozo on Fri May 08, 2015 4:36 pm

Thanks for your input Mondevu! It's great to hear that your first experience with GROWL was a great and memorable one and we hope it continues to be so.

We are well aware we have many things to work on and improve and are doing so as often and quickly as we can to release new updates with more content, so it is great to hear that our current content is so likeable already Smile


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GROWL - First Impressions Empty Re: GROWL - First Impressions

Post by ~Cassandra~ on Fri May 08, 2015 9:33 pm

I like your opinion, I agree with you! Growl seems to be one of the first to successfully have NPCs and you can buy and sell from them and they even give you tips. Recently I'm waiting for the rubies and emeralds, I guess they haven't been added yet because I haven't been able to obtain a single one lol
I know growl will grow into a great community, I can't wait for it! Out of all IT servers I've been on, this one is the best.
One reason I think it's awesome, you don't attack air instead of prey. You know how you try to attack your prey but then it runs off? And how you attack air each time you get close to your prey? I hate that......thankfully growl doesn't do that!!!! <33333333

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GROWL - First Impressions Empty Re: GROWL - First Impressions

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